Procedure:all orders in, After consideration of the desired tourist offer, in the page of, THE USER/buyer/ Complete the registration form as a desired user name, three names, Password and email address. After having carried out the procedure of registration, Customer receives an automatic link for confirmation of the registration of електроннта mail, Who should be activated . Through activation the client confirmed reliability of Your data . After having established customer profile, the user shall examine tourist offers. Select the detail of the tourist service -in case of problems please write us at and- mile: info@ pomore. EU or contact us at mobile.: 0883 392,152.

Customer is required to elect the following services : Hotel, Excursion or a rest date of arrival and departure way of catering /without food, With breakfast, with breakfast and dinner, all incl /
Accommodation / types of room, Number of rooms / and to write the names of travelers .

The user shall be suspended is the desired offer optional number of adults and children, describes Personal preferences and agrees with these general conditions and then press the button Carry out your pretensions.

Agents of www. pomore. eu conform to the request within 24 hours confirming or Reject booking according to vacant seats of the offer and / or offer another An alternative .

The status of the reservation up to the time of the payment is pending (pending) 


In the site are not kept details of bank cards, which are carried out payments. By placing a tick against the general conditions of Ревери EOOD, The user agrees with the current General conditions for the use of the website, As well as to the conditions of the specific offer. After the user pay the selected offer and paying system detects this, He will find your voucher in your e-mail and will be able to take advantage of the specific Service within the specified in the conditions of the offer period. The voucher contains the name of the holder, the conditions of the offer and its validity, As well as a unique secret code designed security and control of the service. Under Article 53, Paragraph 1, by the acceptance of these General conditions for the use of the web site of the tourist .

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